About Us

We know it's a mouthful but there's a good reason!
starfirexearthship is the love child of illustrator and tattoo artist Dora Sambuco-Ahmed of Earthship Studios and hand lettering artist Marissa Vecca of Starfire Lettering Co. 
Born in 2020, our little pandemic baby business started as a way to make extra income in the wake of the shutdown. Like so many Americans, a shift from the norm was inevitable. 
We set up shop upstairs from the tattoo studio and with a small investment in a laser engraver we were ready to roll! We combine our skills in illustration and hand lettering to create original and custom artwork which we then apply to artisan goods.  From home goods and keepsakes to apparel and prints, we have something for everyone. 

Long story short: we put our art on stuff...we'll put your art on stuff too! Feel free to shoot us an email or interact with us on social media. 

Dora & Marissa